Hirama Itaru

Born in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture, 1963.

Graduated from the Department of Photography, College of Art, Nihon University, and studies under photographer Kaoru Ijima .

Becomes “Dream Ambassador for Miyagi Prefecture”, 2002.

Participates in the Gelatin Silver Session, 2006.

Visiting professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design; designated “Shiogama Cultural Ambassador”; planned Shiogama Photo Festival, 2008.

Part-time lecturer, College of Art, Nihon University, 2011.

Gold Prize, New York ADC Award, 1996
Shiogama City Achievement Award, Miyagi Prefecture Encouragement of Arts, 2003
Selected individual exhibits
1993 "Still Movies" Nogizaka LA CAMERA, Tokyo
1995 "Mondo Grosso Photo Exhibition" Shibuya Room, Tokyo
"Motor Drive" Shibuya Parco Gallery, Tokyo
1997 "Ambient Hawaii" Shibuya Parco Gallery, Tokyo
1999 "Itaru Hirama Exhibition of Photographs" Fureai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
2000 "Itaru Hirama BIKKE Photo Gallery "Hi-Bi" FUMIYART Gallery, Tokyo
"The 2nd Itaru Hirama Exhibition of Photographs" Fureai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
2001 "Shiogama Cherry Blossom Photo Gallery" Fureai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
"Mi-chan the stray cat" Shimokitazawa LA CAMERA, Tokyo
2003 "Discovery by Itaru Hirama: 100 people of Shiogama + α + 2 animals" Fureai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
2004 "Urato: 100 people 100 views" Fureiai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
"No Music, No Life" EX’REALM, Tokyo
2005 "Feeling the Warmth" Aoyama Book Center, Tokyo; Fureai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
2007 "No Music, No Life" Fukuoka IMS, Fukuoka
"Photography Exhibition: Locus Focus - Min Tanaka & Itaru Hirama" Kanno Art Museum, birdo space, Fureai ESP Shiogama, Shiogama
2008 "Min Tanaka, Locus Focus" Photo Gallery International, Tokyo
2009 "Best Wishes" Iwaki Performing Arts Center, Alios, Iwaki
"Min Tanaka, Locus Focus" Mizuho Oshiro Gallery, Kagoshima
2008 Producer for Shiogama Photo Festival
2010 Planned and produced photo and music event "PHOTO ROCK"
2011 Participated in the AXIS gallery event “Charity Sale of Photographers”, fund-raiser for the Great East Japan Earthquake
Motor Drive Korinsha Press, Kyoto, 1995
Ambient Hawaii Self-published, 1998
Hi-Bi Media Factory, 2000
Mi-chan the stray cat Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2001
Yoroshiku! Don’t forget me. Xinfeng Co, 2003
No Music, No Life Magazine House, 2004
Feeling the Warmth Kadokawa Gakugei Publishing, 2006
Min Tanaka, Locus Focus AAT, 2008

Itaru Hirama was born in 1963 in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture. After graduating from the Photography Department of Nihon University, College of Art, he worked under photographer Kaoru Ijima.
His unprecedented style of photographing people in motion leaves the impression music can be heard from his photos, and he has done extensive work with musicians. More recently, he has dedicated himself to photographing the dances of Min Tanaka “Locus Focus” and strives to achieve a sense of unity with the surrounding environment in his photos.
Last year, he opened “PIPPO”, a rental darkroom and gallery and remains engaged in activities to spread photography. He continues to try to bring people together through photography by running workshops and organizing events such as the Shiogama Photo Festival.
Hirama Itaru